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Govind Singh

Feb 23, 2024

Status Tab Not Working For Me

Hello Team.
First of all thank you for this awesome extension.

Issue: Status tab is not working for me on any of the browser. It shows red dot with no result.

Thank you.

Kirk G.

Oct 3, 2023

External Anchor Links

Hi, I am trying to figure out where an anchor link is located on our webpage that I have found to be incorrect using your extension. When looking at the page source, this link does not show up. It is showing to be an external anchor link using your extension, but shows to be an internal link using another SEO extension. Is there a definitive way to determine if it is an external or internal anchor link? And where is your extension pulling these anchor links from? Any help is appreciated. Kind regards,

Douglas Ebe

Sep 22, 2023

Possibility to edit meta data

Would be nice if it was possible to edit title and description. Useful when trying out different copy on the fly.

Antonio Gutierrez

Mar 30, 2023


Lo instale hace dos días y funcionaba perfecto pero ahora no da los datos de WEB VITALS.

Kawika Ohumukini

Mar 10, 2023

Export not retrieving all page text.

Export Page Copy doesn't always retrieve all the text.

Jochen Gererstorfer

Apr 11, 2022

No Word Count?

Hello, I love your extension. The only thing is miss is the word count.

Ophyr Hanan

Feb 10, 2022

stuck on loading

it keeps showing me on all sites that it's loading even after reinstalling

Cambridge Innovation Institute

Nov 22, 2021

Web Vitals Not Showing on Some Pages

Hello, this is a great tool, but we just noticed this isnt showing any information for our Core Web Vitals on one of our websites. Do you know what the issue could be here? I tried searching everywhere for an answer but could not find anything. Thank you!

Ivan Vandervaeren

Oct 15, 2021

Support SEO extension for Chrome (wouldn't work)

Just installed the SEO extension for Chrome, but doesn't seem to work on any websites I tried so far :-(.
Keeps "loading" all time... Any clue ?

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