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Txema Campillo

Feb 2, 2024

Send code instead of actual text

The extesion is sending some kind of code that started with @import instead of the actual text.

Tom Last

Nov 22, 2023

Set as PDF instead of EPUB

I'd like the ability to send a PDF to my Kindle scribe so that I can mark it up nicely. Just an option to toggle between pdf to epub would be handy.

László Kovács

Nov 18, 2023

Sync Issue with Digital Content After Recent Update

Dear [Support Team/Amazon Support],

I am reaching out to report a synchronization issue that I've encountered with my digital content following the most recent software update.

Previously, my docments would automatically sync across my devices. However, since the update, this no longer occurs. I can view my items in the Digital Content section of my Amazon account, accessible here:, but the automatic delivery is not functioning.

To elaborate, when I manually select the option to 'Deliver to my device,' the content does get delivered, indicating that there isn't an issue with the content delivery system itself, but rather with the auto-sync feature.

Here is what I have tried so far:

- Checking my device's connectivity and confirming it's online.
- Restarting my device to refresh its connection.
- Ensuring that my device software is up to date.
- Reinstall the eytensiomn.
- Install on another computer.
- Uncheck the "Archive in your Kindle Library" checkbox and re-checked.

Unfortunately, none of these steps have resolved the issue. It would be ideal if the sync functionality could be restored to its automatic process as it was before the update.

Could you please provide assistance on this matter? If there are any additional steps I should follow or information you require, please let me know.

Thank you for your attention to this issue, and I look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,


Nov 3, 2023

font override

Currently this extension is overriding font on many web pages including Facebook. I've verified by turning the extension on and off. It adds the following value to the body tag's style attribute: "font-family: "Amazon Ember";"

Frank Chiachiere

Nov 3, 2023

Font override bug

This extension is overriding the default font on many websites I visit with Amazon Ember. Once I disable the extension, normal fonts come back.

Murat Can Oğuzhan

Apr 29, 2023

Only chooses usa web site

My kindle works with under Germany domain but this app in contact only usa? So how to contact my actual kindle app?

Sumeet M

Apr 4, 2023

It's not working

It's showing sending content from last 30 mins. Here's the screenshot:

Luis Garcia de la Fuente

Feb 4, 2023

Problem solved

"Hello Jin Ai Yap, Could you please try the following step - 1. Click "settings" button to open "settings" page; 2. Click uncheck the "Archive in your Kindle Library" checkbox and re-check it again; 3. Click "save" button. Hope that will help you solve the issue. And we will fix this issue next version."

This worked for me, thank you !

Peter Nosko

Jan 3, 2023

Extension stopped working

When I click on either "Send to Kindle" or "Preview & Send", nothing happens. The extension is broken, please fix it. It's a disgrace that you know about this problem since the beginning of November and failed to do anything about it.

Sebi Sebimm

Jan 3, 2023

Works only in first window

The extension only works with tabs and websites in the first browser window.

Whenever I click on preview or send it opens the extension-window in the first browser window with the content of the first window.

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