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Jon Seidel

Oct 7, 2022

selecting elements of a graph (e.g., x-Axis)

We use recharts/react and I need to select all the x-axis elements for a given graph. Clicking on an x-axis element selects the whole graph; clicking on more elements winds up selecting the whole page; I see no way to remove the whole graph from the selection without removing everything

Palatao Army

Oct 5, 2022

Ms Edge

Does not work on ms Edge Version 106.0.1370.34 (Official build) (64-bit) on Linux Mint 20.3

Madame Minty

Oct 13, 2021


Hi, just so you know, some dude copy-pasted your code 1:1 and added ad pop-ups

Christoffer Ulander

Oct 21, 2020


Im using the selector gadget to import data into excel. I use the xpath and directly copy that into my excel formula =importxml(A1,A2). My issue is when I unselect (Turn them red) certain cells in a table on the website, once i import that to excel and attempt the calculations. Excel comes back to me with content cannot be parsed.

Machine Learning

Nov 11, 2019

Doesn't select on

I tried selecting individual fields like restaurant name or Phone number on the below link. However, the selection is off i.e., when i point on restaurant name it highlights address & even when i click it says "No valid path found"
Does this work with Yelllow pages?

Andrei Bintintan

Jun 18, 2019

Google Analytics?

This should be a "developer" add-on, why do you inject google-analytics?

Sam Helmich

Mar 21, 2017

Doesn't work on local files?

I wrote up a simple little HTML file on my desktop in order to demonstrate to a few others how SelectorGadget works, and when I open the file in chrome (with the extension file:///<etc>, SelectorGadget doesn't seem to work.

Aisulu Aisulu

Feb 22, 2017

не могу загрузить

все время выводит ошибку о загрузке

pat OHara

Dec 7, 2016

Not selecting individual objects - selecting main div

I initially installed SelectorGadget and it worked great. however now if I try to select an object on a page it selects object the whole page (div).
If I open a new browser window individual objects become available to select. Not sure what is happening but would be helpful not having to keep a new browser window.
Is there something I need to do in order to make sure it just selects individual objects and not the whole page?

Hamed K

Jan 11, 2016

an error occured

this extension is not added to my google chrome , image decode fail

Google apps