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Jun 4, 2023


still getting warnings after uninstalling the program?


Feb 26, 2023

YouTube Shorts

The Seizafe overlay cannot be dismissed on YouTube shorts, and the shorts aren't automatically paused either.

Sebastian Tembles

Dec 19, 2022

Will you be releasing a firefox version?

I heard about this extension through tumblr and would love to use it because it'd be a very helpful accessability feature; but, a while ago, tumblr convinced me to switch to firefox, and with google's adblock breaking changes to chromium hitting sometime next month, I'm absolutely not going back to chrome.

So, would you please look into publishing a version of this for firefox?

Łukasz Martynowicz

Dec 9, 2022

Improvement request

There should be a duration of flashy sequence included in the warning, or a sound prompt when it is safe to watch again after the sequence ends. As it is now, I still need help from someone with establishing when I can open my eyes.

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