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Nov 1, 2023

Phần mềm Seek

Tôi cài đặt rồi nhưng nó không hiển thị trong Video để sử dụng

Владимир Подосинников

Aug 1, 2023

Перестало нормально работать.

Перестало нормально работать. Открываешь окно расширения и оно пустое. Если удалить расширение и заново установить, то начинает отображать субтитры. При переходе к новому видео опять не показывает пока не переустановишь.

Steven Guy

Jul 27, 2023

Why is this plugin asking to see my browsing history?

Chrome is displaying an error because it has turned this plugin off automatically. It says it's because Seek Subtitles is requesting to see my browsing history for some reason. I don't understand why a subtitle plugin would need to access my browsing history, so I'm not re-enabling it.

Joel Thomas

Mar 22, 2023

Conflict with "precise seeking" feature

YouTube's new "precise seeking" feature allows the user to click and hold on the progress bar and then drag upwards to view a more detailed timeline scrubber. This mode of interaction isn't immediately obvious, so they've also placed a helpful reminder on top of the thumbnail preview that normally displays the current frame your mouse pointer is hovering over at that particular timestamp of the progress bar.

The problem is, this instruction message to "Pull up for precise seeking" is positioned in the same placement as the "caption preview" feature this extension enables. In other words, with both the current subtitles and the "pull up" text showing up above the thumbnail at the same exact time, it becomes impossible to parse either at a glance.

For reference, here's a screenshot of this visual bug behavior →

Trâm Anh Nguyễn Trần

Aug 28, 2021


tôi không sử dụng được trên điện thoại

Hải Nam

Aug 19, 2021


I can't find seek on youtube

Nhi Nguyen

Aug 4, 2021

không chuyển đc Tiếng Việt

e đã add vào thanh phía trên but k chuyển đc ngôn ngữ tiếng việt ạ


Jul 2, 2021

Option to open seek popup window by default .

Hi, Jure Rajer

Please provide an Option to open seek popup window by default .so that I don't have to click the seek button on each video .

Thanking you .

Hicham Lakbache

May 21, 2021


comment insérer la langue arabe

Aman thakur

Mar 5, 2021

just loved it

this is exactly what I needed
thank you very much

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