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Mindy Mason

May 7, 2024

How to login on second device/computer???

How do you log in on a second Chrome device to view secured folders??? The icon star takes you to a page to set a password again. What do you do?

Dave Ward

Feb 16, 2024

Android version with sync?

Appreciate the way the extension works on Chrome PC but is it possible to have the same shared functionality into Android please?

Christos Oscar Kambiselis

Dec 26, 2023

Restore the bookmarks after reinstalling Windows

For anyone who wants to restore the bookmarks after reinstalling Windows, but you select the option that keeps the Windows.old folder.

Go to "chrome://version/" and copy the "Profile Path:" (should look something like this C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData...), paste it in File Explorer and go to the "Local Extensions Settings" folder, then to the folder called "leocjgngiajhfiikjolfhcpiokgbinep" (this is the extension ID, which you can find when you right click the Secure Bookmarks icon and select Manage extension, but it is the same for everyone), close Chrome, create a folder called "original" and move the files to it.

Now open a new File Explorer window and go to same "Profile Path:" folder but in Windows.old, note that the name after Users might be different depending what you used during the old installation and the new one, copy and paste the files to the new "leocjgngiajhfiikjolfhcpiokgbinep" folder open in the other window.

Now when you open Chrome and press the Secure Bookmarks button it should ask you your old password and the bookmarks should be there.

Siddharth Khandelwal

Nov 26, 2023

Decrypt bookmark

I have a list of Url that needs decrypting. It's in the import data format. If you can't decrypt it, could you please tell me which encryption you used. Thanks


Nov 23, 2023

Password Entry Issues in Extension

Dear Team,

I've encountered an error with the password entry functionality in the extension. It seems that the system is not accepting my password despite multiple attempts. I have verified that the credentials are correct, but the extension is not granting access.

Could you please investigate and provide guidance on resolving this issue promptly? Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you

Hal Lefkowitz

Nov 7, 2023

Secure bookmarks

Recovering secure bookmarks from vanished version of Chrome

Matthieu Fischer

Oct 9, 2023

Open all function

Hello :-)

DO you think it could be possible to add a "open all in news tabs" function to this great extension, so that we could open multiple bookmarks in just one click? thanks by advance!


Aug 3, 2023

Is it possible to install this on a phone?

Is it possible to install this on a phone?


Jul 19, 2023

Open all

Please add a way to open all tabs within a folder

Marco Scheiper (Joe Razor)

Mar 10, 2023

Lost all my bookmarks with a single click

Apparently I deleted my bookmarks folder with a single click. I didn't even realize what I did. There should be a confirmation prompt, an auto backup or an undo option. Really frustrating.

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