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Greg Chasteen

Oct 17, 2023

seattle nights theme

I cannot remove this theme. There's no option to remove/delete, like you'd commonly find with other themes or extensions

Khairulaifa MAZ

Mar 14, 2023


its good. you the best

yuji fujishima

Feb 20, 2023

About the Price

Is there a charge for this theme? Is it free?

Keith Martini (Kido)

Jun 24, 2022

fix the bugs

this theme is great if somehow the developer can listen to the people that are saying the same about it not loading onto the desktop after it has downloaded. don't you think as a publisher that you would fix that so that you can have a loyal following of your work. just by this, i am gone onto a publisher that actually listens to their subscribers.

Ben Bowen

Mar 26, 2022


the theme does not show on my chromebook. how do i fix this?

jajuan couch

Jan 17, 2022

Seattle Night

The Theme didn't take it says it has been added to chrome

Trek Enoch

Aug 29, 2020

Purchase cancelled

Hello, I recently made a purchase of your awesome theme but it didn't work on my chromebook. I was given the chance to cancel and did but haven't gotten a refund. do you have any idea why are can you help with my issues?

Thank you


Jan 8, 2020


please have so this can not get bocked by your school administrator so i can enjoy it

Jake Alexander

Nov 25, 2019


Love this.
Great work. I hope to see some more

Maria Barajas

Nov 13, 2019

Image does not show on New Tab

I added this beautiful theme but the image of my previous theme appears when open a New Tab. The bookmark colors did change but the picture is not visible on the New Tab but is visible when I click Apps on my bookmark

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