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Mark Evans

Apr 6, 2024


I occasionally get frustrated with Brave's glitches and find myself tempted to switch to Safari as my main browser. But I am so dependent on SearchBar that I can't make that move. Have you considered creating a version of the extension fo Safari? Or does one already exist, perhaps under a different name?

Joe Ben Moshe

Mar 10, 2024

Searchbar does not popup

As of yesterday, in most tabs in my Chrome Seasrchbar does nor react when I click F4 or I click with the mouse the little magnyfying glasses in Chroms tool bar. This a new phenomenon. Few tabs still work ( for example...) I hesitate to uninstall and reinstall because I have invested a lot of work in customising it and I work wit the additional searches intensively. If is reinstall I have to start from scratch (Unless it is possible to save my settings). Please Help. I am an addicted user :)


Jan 14, 2024

Will not search

Lately when I copy text on a google site and paste into searchbar app the app will not let me search. I have to go to a different page and then it will search.


Jan 1, 2024

Search term not clearing

When I search for a term on, say, 3 different sites via SearchBar, the term in the search box does not clear.
I.e., after I go to several other sites *without* using SearchBar, the contents in the search box are still there.
What setting have I got wrong?

Harry S. Anchan

Dec 28, 2023

On the menu bar next to the address bar

Please allow the window to be incorporated into the meu bar to the right of the address bar, much like Firefox. Thanks.

Mark Evans

Dec 2, 2023

Occasional malfunction

Quite often lately the Searchbar won't let me search for the highlighted phrase. When I click on a button, nothing happens. If I reload the page and then highlight the same phrase, Searchbar functions normally. Until recently this has never been a problem. Now it seems to happen frequently. Is there a solution?

Makoto Takahasi

Nov 7, 2023


Some sites do not automatically reflect the selected word in the search bar. How can I solve it?

Rapha'el Ben Yisra'el

Nov 7, 2023

SearchBar Popup menu inconsistencies

The SearchBar popup menu is no longer showing when selecting text as usual or even clicking on the extension icon. I've been having this issue primarily on for the last couple of weeks or so.

Karen Pleasant

Oct 30, 2023

search bar pop up

Sometimes when searching on my desktop PC I get a pop up asking me to choose either Precise or Estimated location. I HATE this! How do I permanently remove it?


Oct 24, 2023


I'm having trouble adding Pinterest to the search bar. Could you help?

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