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Lina Aoki

Jan 16, 2023


Wrote some of suggestions in my review. Hope it helps!

Jeremy Wallis

Jan 16, 2023

Expanding Folders

Hi again,

What do you think about having sub-folders in the tree expand automatically on mouse hover?

Владимир Телешов

Jan 16, 2023


There is a request-to make the icon brighter, and then on the dark blue background of the theme in Cent Browser it is poorly visible.

Jeremy Wallis

Mar 17, 2016

Search malfunctioning

Sorry for the repost. It should have been flagged as a problem rather than a reply to my previous...

There seems to be a significant problem with the search function. Typing at normal speed there's a huge delay with the letters appearing in the search bar. Trying it just now it actually froze completely and I had to refresh the page to get it to work.

Jeremy Wallis

Jan 21, 2016



Thanks for this. Nice and simple. I think you could use a tidier tool-bar icon though. Perhaps just use the Chrome bookmarks 'star'?

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