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May 10, 2024

custom search engines would be much appreciated

custom search engines would be much appreciated.
i use duckduckgo for example, but having a choice is better.
thank you

Mimi N

Apr 11, 2024

Toggle position for "search" pop up

Would like to see an option for the "search" pop up to show up under the highlighted text. On sites like Tumblr they have some formatting options when you highlight text, but the "search" button gets in the way of clicking some of those options. I didn't see an toggle in the extension's options to change where the pop up pops up.

Opack Bright

Oct 12, 2023

Have multiple search engines

It would be awesome to have multiple "search engines" in the tooltip. This would allow to search the text either in Google, Wikipedia or WordReference for instance.
Is it feasible?
Great work anyway, thanks!

Opack Bright

Oct 12, 2023

Let users configure the search engine to use

It would be great if we had the possibility to set the search engine to use. I bet some people do not want to use Google (plus Google it is annoying that Google always displays the GDPR popup and refuses to connect in the popup)
Thanks for your work!

Tony Dale

Jun 7, 2023

Remember resized window

I don't know if this is possible or not, but is there a way for the extension to remember the resized window and open to the resized window thereafter? I prefer to resize it as a sidebar on the right, since the right side is generally blank when reviewing Google search results. That way any preview would open up as a right sidebar instead. Thanks!

Sean Sweeney

Jun 4, 2023

change content size in popup window?

Hello. This is a great app, thanks. Would it be quick/easy enough to have a setting to decrease (or increase) the font/content in the window? Thanks again!

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