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Online search engine optimisation techniques are ever evolving and since this domain is quite new, professionals are willing to…

Online search engine optimisation techniques are ever evolving and since this domain is quite new, professionals are willing to experiment with new technologies and amend and research their techniques accordingly. 2018 too is bound to see yet more changes, possibly as Panda is rolled out again in the form of a Panda 3 update on Google. Here are a few of the search engine trends that are expected to gain traction in 2018. Click here for more information on the latest cutting-edge Search techniques: 1. Social interaction through visual and image will increase As you might have noticed over the past few years, consumers are more interested in visual interactions than plain text ones, which have led to the development of several video and image applications which have been highly successful. Just think Pinterest or Instagram for two well-known examples. There are chances that there will be more focus on the way images and videos are used by the people for social interactions online. It is expected that the current year would also see a more creative and technical side when it comes to social media interaction through visual graphics and texts. 2. Focus will be more on machine learning techniques Improvisations in machine learning has been a topic of discussion for quite a long time now and it is said to replace the usual algorithms that are used in the search engine optimization. When it comes to the browsing algorithms, each and every tech professional relies on the Google tactics and need to keep up with its changing trend almost on an everyday basis. According to several observations, it has come to the forefront that Google has heavily invested in Machine Learning and AI and is going to involve the techniques in their iterative algorithms. It might be the case that the search engine methods may be also get affected by it. 3. Incremental increase in voice search users There are chances that people will start using the voice search engine more in the coming year as the trend is already gaining a huge popularity. People now make use of the voice search mechanism to get the desired search result. Apart from this, sales of the smart speakers will also see a huge leap as the ones available with Amazon and Google are in demand these days , and Amazon Echo has gained great popularity. With this, the queries requested from searchers will become more and more refined. 4. SEO will be more than just Google and Bing search Although Google and Bing still happen to occupy a higher percentage in the search engine ranking, there are others as well such Amazon, Yelp, and assistants like Siri and Alexa which are contributing significantly to the online searches. The time is not far away when people will reach beyond the confines of Google browsing to introduce themselves to a wider range of audiences. 5. Personalised search results will dominate Google has been working on the individual customisation mechanisms since a couple of years now with the help of a user’s search history, cookies, and other browsing related information to come up with something more reliable so as to provide better search algorithms that would improvise the browsing capabilities. With the introduction of smart speakers and technological advancements it is imperative that there would be a better scope for the individual customisation techniques over the course of time, you can read more about that on this SEO and marketing website blog. Hopefully, people will now to able to get better search results for all their queries in just one go which is certainly a welcome benefit. 6. The knowledge graph is likely to continue to evolve It has been prevalent over the past few years that there has been an increase in the number of featured snippets that provide a concise solution to a particular query in the search results. However, this trend is somewhat reducing with the introduction of knowledge graph which provide better answers and increases the search engine capabilities with the help of user data. The last year saw very few technological advancements when it comes to the search engines as the digital marketing domain is still in its initial phases and needs to be explored a bit more to truly and effectively use for personal benefits. However, 2018 comes with the hope of significant changes that would transform the digital world for good. 7. Personalised search This will continue to develop and Google has a huge amount of data in it’s possession to make it so. From cookies from browsing habits if you use the chrome browse, to IP recognition, search monitoring, shopping habits statistics by user, user search frequency, and much more. When this is all combined it makes a very powerful marketing tool, and retargeting will be a strong feature in the 2018 search marketplace.

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