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ringdoc nada

Aug 20, 2023

search center was taken off chrome and when I try to add it i get the message an error occur Could not move extension directory into profile.Acropolis Athens Greece

when I try to add it i get the message an error occur Could not move extension directory into profile I really love this extension it is so useful


Mar 11, 2023

Search url

Hi, what is the placeholder to insert in the search url of the target website: {} and %s do both not work for me, can you help us ?



Jul 6, 2021

About paste funciton and text encoding.

Thank you for your great extension. I have 2 little suggestions. (1) Could you enable copy and paste funcitons in the search bar? That'd make searching more efficient. (2) Could you enable more options for text encoding,say GBK etc. ? That'd make this extension better support more languages especially when it comes to adding new search engines based on various languages. Thank you again! Best regards!

Fady Garis

Apr 9, 2021

Search Center

Hello, I just started using search center. I added like 8 websites, then I created a new category for "all" to search all 8 websites in the same time. My issue is that when when they all open up, they dont search the word in the websites. Only 4 of the websites do like twitter, google, and maybe 1 more.

One of the websites like seeking alpha just opens the website, it does not search the word. If you can help me with that, i would greatly appreciate it.

Aamir Nasir

Mar 29, 2021

The Search Engines Resets Itself After I Exit Chrome

can you suggest a fix? google chrome is up to date and everything is all updated and clean af

Nick Sanders

Feb 25, 2021

Adding a group is limited

Attempting to create a search all function via the group option. When I create a new group, I'm limited to only four sites. How can I add more than four sites to a group?


Feb 22, 2021

Change order?

How can I change the order of engines in the search center?
I would like to change the visual order as well as the order in which the tabs open.


Vinh Nguyen

Feb 20, 2021

Searching for a keyword on multiple websites at once?

Hi, I'm trying to have a keyword I search open up on multiple websites at once. For example, searching for "Lakers" and opening up the search query for Lakers on and in two new tabs. How would I do this?

Nick Riggi

Feb 15, 2021

Takes a long time for menu to open after I click it

It takes a good amount of time for the menu to open to me, sometimes not opening at all.

Vladimir Olchanski

Feb 8, 2021

Hotkey arrow

Is there a way to tab from the searchbar to navigate through the search engines to avoid using the mouse?

Currently the tab button toggles between the searchbar and the 'options' button. Would be great if there was a way to tab in between the engines or to use the arrow keys to navigate.

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