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Katie Webster

Jan 26, 2024

Scrum for trello is making trello disconnect

Trello keeps disconnecting me so that I can't make any updates to my board. When I uninstall scrum it starts working again, and then reinstalling it makes it stop working. Any suggestions?

Lisa Darling

Dec 8, 2023

Point Systems For "Scrum for Tello

The Trello's point system isn't working on the cards any longer. Please when will this be resolved? The workaround isn't working .

Erika Stevens

Nov 28, 2023

October Workaround no longer working

Trello appears to have made some additional changes and the workaround provided in mid-October is no longer working.

Christopher Chang

Nov 26, 2023

Temporary workaround (I'm not the author of this)

Andriy Bogomazov

Nov 25, 2023

Time is not rendered on the card

It shows numbers in brackets as opposed to nice icons

Sune Schmidt-Hylleborg

Nov 20, 2023

What have Trello changed??

We have losed the oppertunity to bypass the "New experience" from boards in Trello. This means that we can no longer see the point sums that Your lovely plugin has contributed with for so long.
My question is if we should wait a solution from You, Trello or start looking for a more permanent workaround?

Eletra Energy

Nov 17, 2023

Workaround is not working anymore: "board experience" option was removed from Trello.

Does Scrum For Trello development team are working on a new solution already? Please update the status on the new solution.

Vernon Reed

Nov 14, 2023

workaround disabled

Trello removed the option given in the workaround. Is there any hope to get this wonderful resource back on my boards?

Tomas Jankuj

Nov 13, 2023

Workaround depreciated

The workaround with disabling Board experience enhancements is not working anymore. The Board experience enhancements toggle switch is not visible in the labs anymore.

Marco Antonio Pérez

Oct 26, 2023

No longer working

It doesn't work since a few days ago. Different computers, diferent browsers. I have tried, Chrome, Brave, and Firefox

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