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Bryce Orgill

Nov 6, 2023


The bookmarks don't sync between my personal and work computer. Is that supposed to be the case? While I can pull up saved bookmarks on the same device, I can't do this across devices.

Henry Jam

Jul 29, 2022

Hi is it not possible on instagram?

I excellent developer, aka builder I have a question about the extension is not able to save the scroll of Instagram web page while you scroll till the end its not saving?


Mar 19, 2020

Getting back to Keyboard options

How do you do this from the extension? I had to delete and re-add the extension to find the option again.

It would be brilliant if you could set a page to automatically go to a scroll point when the page was loaded rather than having to fetch and apply the scroll - very useful for teaching and demonstrations where you want to go to a particular point on a page that contains the actual info you want to show, and very very very useful if you have to reload the page to get fresh data but don't want to manually scroll back down after doing that...


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