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Christopher HurleyMay 2, 2024

Kind of sucks because it will opt to go to the very top of the tab no matter how long the tab is and no matter where you try to start it from and it doesn't give you a range of area that you can scroll right it's either all or nothing so not the tool for me kinda sucks sure it's great for other use cases though. But i yeah i just don't have the weeks that would be required for it to start at the top where I only need a section that's 4 pages long

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Hero AdminDeveloperMay 2, 2024

Hi Christopher. I understand your concern. To be honest, I've not seen any screenshot extensions that can start scrolling anywhere other than the top. That said, two things you can do with ours that I haven't seen with others. 1) You can "stop" the scrolling screenshot at anytime, so as the page gets snapped, you will see a stop button. It sill starts at the top, but you don't need to wait till the end. 2) You can "crop" the screenshot after it's complete to effectively remove the top part you don't want. Also note, we give you 2 additional options for screenshotting web pages: 1) You can do a paginated screenshot which will break a long webpage into multiple pages 2) You can do an area selected screenshot where you select specifically what you want, although it's limited to what you can see on your tab at that time. I do understand the "waiting" issue. It is a bit of the nature of how the tech works in Chrome. I often look at competitors to see who's doing what and if there are some new tricks we can employ, but as of now, I've not seen anything better suited for this. Please hit me up personally if you find something And let me know if you want a coupon code if you do decide to upgrade as there are a lot more goodies in the tool beyond the scrolling screenshot.

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Mike WallerApr 26, 2024

This is the absolute honest truth, I have used many, many other screenshot and PDF editors in the market and Markup Hero is by FAR the best. Screenshots are high quality (not blurry) and save as PDF and other formats perfectly. Support is also amazing. Nicolas got me squared away (my own user error) after a short Google Meet call. Stellar support and and top notch software! Markup Hero, you're my hero! :)

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Harun BayrakMar 19, 2024

Low quality! Screenshots looks so blurry why don't you even capture the original image

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Hero AdminDeveloperMar 29, 2024

Hi Harun. We're sad to see a 1-star review. Most people find our tool to be pretty great. That said, if you're finding the screenshots too blurry or not capturing whats on screen we'd really like to troubleshoot that with you because that's not a common piece of feedback. Please email us at so we can help and hopefully earn a few more stars.

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Daniel YoderMar 14, 2024

Works as advertised, thanks!

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William “Bill” CunninghameMar 7, 2024

Best screenshot and PDF editor I've used and they offer great tutorial videos. The UI is well designed and easy to use.

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Mahmood GamalMar 4, 2024

1. Resolution sucks. 2. Cannot download the screenshots.

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Hero AdminDeveloperMar 4, 2024

Hi Mahmood. Thanks for the note, albeit a little quick on the draw my friend. Let me respond. 1. Saying the resolution sucks is pretty extreme. It's a balance of speed and quality. We recently enhanced the quality and actually did a side-by-side comparison with the other top 10 screenshot extensions on Chrome and found ours to be same or better than all of them. If you have an example of something better, please let us know and/or post it on 2. This is straight false, you can download as JPG, PNG, PDF and copy the image to clipboard for pasting into any document, email, messenger, tool, etc. Screenshot of that here: I hope you will spend more than a few seconds checking out the rest of the features, I'm quite sure you'll find it's a pretty slick tool. Here's a coupon code for 4 months free to show our appreciation

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Morteza SadeghiFeb 17, 2024

Hello.after taking screenshot,It oppening the new tab and staying on 'loading' mode.

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Hero AdminDeveloperFeb 20, 2024

Hi Morteza, can you please reach out to us directly at so we can try to help resolve this issue for you?

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Marla OrlowskiFeb 7, 2024

I LOVE tools that save me time! Yes, it is glitchy here and there but so are most tools. I appreciate you dev!

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Hero AdminDeveloperFeb 20, 2024

Hi Marla, thank you for the feedback. Please reach out to if you experience any glitches! We would like to resolve them for you.

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bloodys spammersFeb 1, 2024


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Hero AdminDeveloperFeb 1, 2024

Well any feedback is good feedback, so we appreciate it. Let me address your various points one by one: 1. You are correct, region screenshots is missing, we know it's par for the course and we're building it right now. 2. Cropping is available in our application once a screenshot is taken and it is a premium feature (more on the $5/month cost below), although I suspect you mean cropping in the form of region screenshots (#1 above) so yeh, that will be there very soon. 3. You can save and print to PDF, here is a screenshot of that feature - you're right, it's not 1994 4. You are misrepresenting the annotation for 24 hours limitation. Any screenshot and annotation you make lives forever and can be accessed and shared forever. We have a VERY unique capability that literally no other screenshot and annotation tool enables, which is actually being able to go back and EDIT your annotations. In all other tools, once you are done annotating, the image is flattened and must be re-created to edit. We allow users to edit annotations, but for the FREE accounts, that editing and re-annotation capability is limited to 24 hours. 5. Now onto the "we're greedy" for charging $5/month. As a small company and tech founder I always get so sad when people like my product but think I'm being "greedy" for charging more than $0.00 for it. We spend a lot of time building, maintaining, supporting, loving and listening to make Markup Hero useful. Sure, there's always more to do, but charging for our hard work is fair and reasonable. On top of that, $5/month is on the very very cheaper side of any tool out there. We also offer easily accessible coupons for people that look or ask us. And as a token of our appreciation for your feedback, here is a single use 1 year free PRO coupon (1YRBLOODYSPAMMER) for you personally to fully experience our product and hopefully learn to love it and maybe update this review for the better.

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Keshab BistJan 15, 2024

It effortlessly captures and annotates webpage content, streamlining the communication of complex information. The user-friendly design and robust features make it a valuable asset for effective visual communication.

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