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Yang Jk

Jun 30, 2024

blocked my right click in my macos

Hi, it works on my windows system. Although it still works in my macbook air, but it blocked my right click while tapping two fingers in trackpad. Is there any solution for this issue? thanks.

Adrian Demetrescu

Jan 9, 2024

Compatibility with zooming while dragging

Tried using it with Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom with both extensions activated on RMB, but of course Scrollbar Anywhere doesn't expect the page zoom to change while dragging(maybe use zoom-independent coordinates?), and it jumps to the wrong location after zooming. Hope it's an easy fix.

Лапшинов Вячеслав

Aug 28, 2023 doesn't work with doesn't work with

Hannes Grebin

Apr 8, 2023

won't block context menu on macbook

If I switch off SA everything shows up again. Thanks

Tema Artemev

Jan 18, 2022

In Manjaro KDE Chromium doesn't work

In Manjaro KDE Chromium doesn't work


Apr 4, 2021

The extension works only on images opened in a new tab

I wish there was an option that allows this extension to work only on images opened in new tabs.


Jun 2, 2020

Smoothness of the "Grab and drag" style like in the "Photos" app from Microsoft

Could you make smoother moving around the image in the "Grab and drag" mode? 🤔 Like in the application "Photos" from Windows 10. It would be great!

K Es Tressier

Jun 17, 2019

Doesn't allow me to select textbox inputs

hello! really love love this extension. So far it works very well except for one little problem I have where it won't allow me to select textboxs on some sites (like twitter and facebook, to name two major ones) This is only when I have the button to allow me to click and scroll over text since I find this option too intrusive for me when scrolling and reading articles. I have to usually hold one of the "hold" buttons to put a cursor in an text field, but it also doesn't allow me to move the cursor around freely in the text to fix typos unless I hold down one of those buttons as well. I know that's likely what they are for to work around the issue, but figured I'd report the bug anyway to see if there is perhaps an option that could be added where you hold down both the left and right mouse button to place a cursor in a text field since I don't usually have a keyboard available in front of me? (and when I do I tend to forget to hold down the button anyway anytime I try to click in a text field) I keep the button to not scroll when over text unticked since I find that more intrusive then this text field issue, but I hope to see an update sometime in the future as so far this extension has made browsing so much easier for me as someone who hates using the mouse wheel and also is far more used to using my tablet pcs pen to navigate (This makes the mouse act the same way, so feels more comfortable for me!)
Thanks again for making this extension !!

Jindřich Vysocký

May 23, 2019

Event disposal

Hi, when I check the option "Do not drag on text", I guess you handle the event improperly.

The problem I have with that is when I select some text and I want to right click and select "Search google for <selected string>" the text becomes unselected and different context window show up as a result.

Allen W

Feb 22, 2019

Report some problems...

Hi David, I want to report some problems for your extension. Can you tell me your email? I also sent you a "Hangouts Conversations" invite which you can see in the bottom left of your Gmail account.

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