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Shane Athanasourelis

Mar 24, 2024

Amazing Extension

Great Work!

Do you think there will ever be an update that adds the ability to scroll in all directions without holding click? For example, middle clicking once, moving the mouse itself to navigate the page, then middle clicking again to end the action?

Thank you so much for this extension.

Ray Lambert

May 5, 2023

button clicks (LMB at least) are still passed to underlying window

Thanks for your work!
There is an issue with this extension (using LMB in G&D mode) in which the button presses are passed on to the underlying window, which causes it to activate. It appears to be at least the button up event but might be button down as well. This causes issues in some cases. The most problematic is with an image zoom using click-to-zoom: when trying to scroll the image around every time click to scroll is used the zoom switches state (leading to hilarity! :) One other site I use everyday has an article list on the left where the entire space is "hot"; when I try to drag the list the release button event selects the article under the mouse.

Bottom line, the extension should "eat" the button press events that are used to activate the scrolling, and it apparently is not. A completing extension (that I used to use) did this correctly but it had a more serious bug that led me to use your extension instead. But this issue is bothering me more every day. :(

Thanks again!


Zingyiu Lei

Mar 1, 2023

need support for better healthy


就是有一点小小的问题: 长时间使用电脑的人,多少会有点腱鞘炎,所以长按滚轮中键来拖拽,可能会稍微加重他们的疼痛。

根据上面的问题,我想提一个小小的建议: 请问可以添加 ‘ 按空格+鼠标左键 => 拖拽页面 ’ 的选项吗? 目前是alt shift ctrl。类似于在一些设计软件里面,空格等于抓手工具,的逻辑。




google translate result ⬇️
I am really happy to find this plug-in. I was thinking about how to write a greasemonkey script to achieve this operation, and it is very smooth to use.

There is just a small problem: People who use computers for a long time may have a little tendinitis, so long pressing the middle button of the scroll wheel to drag may slightly aggravate their pain.

According to the above question, I would like to make a small suggestion: Can I add the option of 'press space + left mouse button => drag and drop the page'? Currently alt shift ctrl. It is similar to the logic that in some design software, a space is equal to a hand tool.

Or in the setting software similar to a multi-button mouse, customize the shortcut operations of different buttons, allowing users to bind the required buttons by themselves.

Please let me know if there is an existing software that does this. It would be even better if this functionality could be added to this plugin.

Finally, thanks to the author for writing such an excellent plugin!

Bartek Herc

Oct 30, 2022

chromium browser virtual keyboard (on screen keyboard) works badly

Im using chromium browser (linux) on touch screen computer and virtual keyboard extension. I had to choose the left button in general option.
When i try to write on virtual keyboard (the same when i click with mouse on virtual keyboard) in text box the letters appear in strange order. I noticed that the cursor moves to the beginning of the text when it detects no movement on the keyboard.
Please help me


Apr 13, 2022


Since the last update, Can't click the Twitter video seek bar and Gmail delete button.
Could you fix it?

Lucian Andries

Apr 9, 2021


Hello! 1.I see you set the scroll to the Middle button.......... Can you change it to the scroll Wheel? Or add a row just for the scroll Wheel. And add it three settings: disable acceleration, smoothing, and a scroll lock by X lines scrolled. 2.Add some settings for horizontal scrolling, tied to the Wheel's Tilt buttons. The only settings for this is a scroll speed and a smooth scrolling, for a more consistent scroll. Not just scroll in steps or jump directly to the end, if you know what I mean... Thank you!

Oliver Pfeiffer

Mar 29, 2021

Found 3 bugs in this awesome addon

First of all, many thanks for your incredible addon, it is very addictive and I really love it.

I think I have found three bugs that can be easily reproduced with a clean install in Chrome with most recent smartUp extension installed (as the only extension).

1. I enabled the simple drag feature for text, links and images. But if a link contains an image it is always handled as image but not as link (as intended). Unfortunately the appropriate setting „As an image, if the Link contains an image“ does not have any effect.

2. I give the permission to alter the clipboard and the mouse gesture to copy the current URL works fine but „Open URL in Clipboard“ does not work at all (does nothing).

3. If you enable rocker gestures as "Scroll Bottom" and "Scroll Top" and you perform a right-left rocker gesture, the context menu appears. Obviously this isn't intended. :-)

I hope you can easily reproduce these three bugs.

And finally I'm wondering how I can exclude some websites from this plugin? There are some website around that conflicts with gestures and these sites need to be excluded by a "black list".

Thanks for the great work!


Dec 28, 2020

Scrollanywhere and Group Speed Dial

Hi Juraj ! i love your addons !!!
i want to ask you if you could please send me please your addon "Scrollanywhere and Group Speed Dial" version for chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit) mac and win please ?
i have macmini 10.7.5 to old and cant update anymore with a little luck it will work maybe.
and for firefox v.48 mac/win also too please. if you dont mind.
i searched everywhere but cant do find a download direct to my harddrive really really nowhere. sometimes it worked in the past to install. chrome denied always the install.
thank you very much and have great day. best willie

test tester

Apr 21, 2020

Issue with using this with virtual keyboard.

When I use a virtual keyboard to input text into html fields and have this extension set to left click mode, the letters will append to the front. It seems that the cursor on the text bar just resets itself to the leftmost position every time the mouse is moved. Is there an option I can set to fix this?

Ramsey Khalaf

Mar 29, 2020

Not working on some pages

It's not working on certain pages and I am not sure why but it scrolls extremely slow. See here:

Google apps