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The A ManMay 2, 2023

Perfect! Also, could you make the hover-preview be like Jetbrains' Code Lens? Or even, a full-page preview on hovering over the minimap, essentially, a regular jump-scroll, with the nuance that unhovering takes you back to where to initially were.

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KennethMay 5, 2021

it does nothing

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ekarronFeb 7, 2018

the only issue for me is that you can't change the shortcut (Alt a) other than that it works perfectly. and I would like to see an option to make it work automaticaly on selected websites not all of them.

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keganNov 25, 2017

This extension was okay, I just wish it would hide itself when you aren't using it/actively scrolling. It shows up, but then never goes away, so I have this big rectangle covering the top right of my screen (unless I turn it off, but I would prefer to have it on and to just disappear when I leave that section of the screen). Would be a handy tool if it wasn't so obtrusive. At the moment, it's kinda gimmicky.

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A Chrome Web Store userMay 22, 2017

Doesn't work for me. Shows a grey window, and that's all.

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Anuj SinghMar 30, 2017


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pioun777Jul 24, 2016

Realy nice idea and implementation!

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modiXJul 28, 2014

The idea is pretty nice, it reminds me of code preview scroll bars in several IDEs and editors. Sadly this is bad transposed here. Instead of simply replacing the scroll bar with the new one, you rather have to press ALT+A to show it (that does not work well when you don't wait long enough on site load). After every request you have to press ALT+A again .... When the website is not so long, the new scroll bar will even not be stretched to its possible height (window height). Also the scroll b... Show more

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Dan SayersFeb 1, 2014

This is a really great idea! I would like to see options such as: 1) The ability to have it on all the time instead of having to press the hotkey each tab, link, refresh. 2) The ability for it to offset the page instead of being an overlay. 3) The ability to scale the preview vertically to the size of the window. Given its current functionality, this could even replace the scrollbar. Other than that, one more function I could suggest that would make it even more useful would be to magnify... Show more

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