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Najamul Islam

Nov 17, 2023

Item currently unavailable

When I try to aad extention to chrome it shows item currently unavailable .please check the troubleshooting guide
Please help me to getting out of that
My email address is

Chuck Pugh

Jun 23, 2023

Can't set time limits

In edit mode, I set the times in minutes for blocked sites and click on "save" and it says, "saving," but when I go back to the screen showing my added sites, the times are still on 00:00:00.

Christian Brown

Apr 28, 2023

Marketing Your Chrome Extension

Hello this is the brown method timer let me know what you think of the concept it is $5.99. Boost productivity today!

How to Use

I was wondering how did you go about marketing your chrome extension

Lindsay Qin

Feb 26, 2023

Timer Broken

The timer for sites is broken. No matter how long I spent on a blocked site, the timer does not update and so the extension fails to close the tab.

Diego Reche

May 23, 2022


Hi, I find a problem when you have various blocked pages opened. If you open one that is blocked by the timer or Schedule all of them close, even if the others haven't reach their limit and are outside of block time.
And I have a suggestion, I want to be able to mix custom time blocks with the timer, choose to use the timer rule inside the hours I want it to be active.
Thank you, great extension

shashank shekhar

Mar 17, 2022

where the id of this extension

where the id of this extension

Liu Stronger

Oct 14, 2021

Can't block url

I can't block "" url. Can you help me? Thanks!

Tony Hill

Aug 26, 2021

Chrome blocked forever

Hello. On my Mac I connected google flags with my screentime but now I cannot access google Chrome at all. I needed to enable a feature that I disabled but now I cannot do anything at all on Google Chrome besides put an address in the browser. I even deleted and reinstalled the App but I cannot enable to disable any flags now. How can I fix this? How can I enable the flags on Chrome since I cannot select anything on any website or page even from Google?


Jul 29, 2021


What is the privacy policy on this extension? It asks for access to search history and I want to make sure its safe.

TJ May

Mar 25, 2021

screen limit

how do you reset screen time limit? I am using this in a classroom setting, and would like to be able to reset the limit when the child can use it later in the day. however it seems to just keep the same time frame.

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