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צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 4
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
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צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 4
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 2
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 3
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 4

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Capture your screen effortlessly with the best screenshot tool, add annotations and visible page capture, and share it with ease!…

ScreenMark is a simple Chrome extension designed to simplify the process of taking screenshots with a single click. With its intuitive interface and handy features, ScreenMark makes capturing and enhancing screenshots a breeze. Whether you need to quickly share information, highlight important details, or annotate screengrabs for various purposes, ScreenMark has got you covered. ONLY FOR THE VISIBLE PAGE ScreenMark Features: 1. One-Click With ScreenMark, capturing a screenshot of the visible page is just a click away. No more hassle of using complex keyboard shortcuts or external tools. Simply click on the ScreenMark extension icon, and it instantly captures the visible part of the web page you are browsing. 2. Annotate ScreenMark provides an array of annotation tools to enhance your screen captures. Once you've captured a screenshot, you can easily add shapes, and arrows, blur certain areas, and crop the image to focus on specific details. This functionality allows you to emphasize important elements or obscure sensitive information within the screengrab. 3. Add Marks The special "Add Marks" tool in ScreenMark enables you to insert text marks into your screenshots. Whether you want to label specific sections, provide additional context, or highlight important points, this feature lets you effortlessly add text to your screen capture. 4. Share screenshots ScreenMark simplifies the process of sharing your screen captures. Once you've captured and annotated a screenshot to your satisfaction, you can easily generate a shareable link. This link enables you to conveniently share the screenshot with colleagues, friends, or anyone you wish to collaborate with. It eliminates the need for file attachments and allows for seamless sharing across various platforms. ScreenMark is a user-friendly Chrome extension that changes the way you take, annotate, and share screenshots. With its one-click capture, powerful annotation tools, the ability to add text marks, and effortless sharing capabilities, ScreenMark enhances your productivity and communication when working with screen captures. Whether you're a professional needing to illustrate concepts, a student sharing study materials, or an individual who frequently collaborates and communicates visually, ScreenMark is an indispensable tool for capturing and enhancing screenshots with ease.

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