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Joe Annan

Apr 18, 2024

Can't screen shot pop-up filter

When I try to screenshot a pop-up filter, the filter goes away and leaves me only with the landing page.

Kashif Ahmad

Nov 27, 2023

How to import screenshots I have in my Clipular


I have a Clipular account with my Yahoo Mail Email ID, I just joined the Screenclip with my Gmail ID.

Is it possible to import my Screenshots from Clipular account?

Please guide.

Asif Ali

Jul 31, 2023

Problem with the Signin

I am trying to login to the Screenclip, but it is persistently showing an error and is not working.

Olivia Lees

May 17, 2023

This keeps being added to my Chrome on restart

I've never used this extension but every time I restart Chrome, it appears as an 'Error' saying the extension is disabled and I need to enable it. What is going on? I don't want this extension. Every time I disable and remove it from Chrome, and every time I restart it reappears. Please fix this.

Győr Fesztiválkórus

Apr 21, 2023

Questions: More accounts vs. New account

If there are photo clips on 2 or more different Clipular accounts is it/how is it possible to transfer all these from your earlier account together into the new account? (Does it count/matter if there were sorted in more folders? Will the folders transferred too or the pics will be mixed?)

Is it possible, that the email-address of the newly registered ScreenClip-account will be not the same as the address of the earlier Clipular-account was? Will not causes this any problems by transfer?

Chris Stackhouse

Apr 2, 2023

I can't remove the ScreenClip extension from my browser

I haven't used this extension for years, I keep trying to remove it. However every time Chrome reboots, it keeps showing up in my Extensions list and requires me to reenable permissions. How do I permanently delete ScreenClip from Chrome?

Nelson Nigel

Mar 10, 2023

Cant see image

i get an error, "it looks like we don't support this file format" when i download the screenshots. What do I do?

Spideog Conchobhair

Mar 7, 2023

since name change

my account of at least 5 ys disappeared

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