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Вячеслав Куликов

Mar 8, 2024

access denied

I've recorded few screen videos, and sent links for another person, but when follow that links message on the screen
Access denied to this recording
You can view recording once the creator grant you to view their file
Can't find the right way to share my links, please say what I'm doin wrong


Feb 21, 2024

Not able to use flonnect extension

Not able to use flonnect extension, the recording is not happening

Natali Salazar

Nov 8, 2023

Selecting the 'Screen + Camera' option, camera doesn't record, I can't see myself

The first time I used it I could see my face on the screen, but in the following videos I can't see myself, even with the camera on.

Cameron Hohle

Sep 5, 2023

Occasionally, when selecting the 'Screen + Camera' option, camera doesn't record


Device: Dell Latitude 5520
Processor: 11th Gen Intel I5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz | 1.38GHz
OS: Windows 10 Pro v22H2
Browser: Google Chrome v116.0.5845.180
Flonnect Version: 7.0.4

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Flonnect (via extension bar)
2. Select 'Screen + Camera'
3. MP4 Format @ 1080p Quality using Mic audio
4. Click 'Start Recording'
5. Click 'Entire Screen'
6. Select screen to record
7. Click 'Share'

What I've found is that the camera only records maybe ~50% of the time. Camera is enable for the app and in the browser (as well as for the device/system). The cover is open and the latch is also open. I know the camera works, as it works half the time in Flonnect but also have used other apps to confirm. So, there is no issue with my camera.

Divine Balubar

Aug 5, 2023

buttons for screen recording mixed up?

Whenever I click screen recording button I see myself on video cam.
While if I chooses the screen & camera button it doesn't have a video cam?! Why? how is this happening?


Aug 4, 2023

Recent update for "Screen Recording" also records Camera

Please fix this

Ivan Menshchikov

Jul 28, 2023

New update broke styles in other websites

I found out strange red color border around elements with class '.circle'. It seems like this extension leaks some injected styles into a webpage.

Natalia biaggini

Apr 16, 2023

donde quedan guardados los videos?

no se como ver los videos ya grabados, me pueden ayudar?

Dodel Druckmann

Apr 14, 2023

No puedo activar el programa, escoji upgrade

No puedo activar el programa,FLONNECT DE GOOGLE escoji upgrade

Olga Cristina Buitrago Lizarazo

Mar 22, 2023


Hola, lamentablemente se me apago el computador no guarde la captura de pantalla (video) que estaba haciendo, donde lo puedo recuperar??

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