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Mhus Liadin

May 25, 2024

Ponsel eror

Eror akun saya

Brian Casas

Apr 11, 2024

How to edit settings for each website?

I cannot find the option to have custom shades for different websites


Oct 21, 2023

Conflict issues with other plugins

This plugin conflicts with a plugin called "SimpRead" and SimpRead will not work in reading mode if both are turned on. Requests for compatibility with the following SimpRead are greatly appreciated!

Ronathan Worth

Sep 15, 2023

Color flickers and elements poke through

After the last chrome update, as I move my mouse around, the element I'm hoovering over will "show through" the shader. Refreshing the page resets the shader and makes it appear correctly. It occasionally flashes as well which makes it a little worse than just dealing with the bright tone. I appreciate this extension and have used it over a year it helps a lot with my migraines I hope it gets fixed!

Gancarz PL

Aug 6, 2023

24 hour setting

I give it a thought and think that it would be fantastic if we had the option of setting it as permanent 24 hour setting. I would definitely use it.

Gancarz PL

Aug 6, 2023


I wish I could turn it on two hours before sunset or set it as a permanent setting.

Niall Gunning

Aug 2, 2023

Issues with Screenshader and Outlook


First off, thanks for creating such an amazing extension.

I've been having problems with outlook online for a few months. I turned off extensions one by one and it turned out screenshader was the culprit. It was working brilliantly otherwise. It causes the top ribbon to disappear after sending an email, meaning contstantly having to refresh the page. I wonder is it possible to disable Screenshader for particular websites, the way you can with AdBlock for example?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,
Niall Gunning

Zyan Ryx X

Mar 5, 2023

Not able to see any options

I'm not able to see any options for the App to control the shade .. Increase decrease intensity .. choose overlay colour etc ..

Tina Day-sloop (Tina)

Feb 28, 2023

how do I delete

I really don't care for the app. how do I uninstall it??

Chris Scott

Dec 8, 2022

disable on full screen

Hello, I can not see how to disable the extention in fullscreen. We use it on out tv/media computer for movies. Great for navigation websites but when a full screen movie is watched it still applies the filter.

Thank you,

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