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1.4K ratings

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ArmandJun 14, 2024

I love this extension but it's breaking dark mode on Youtube. Please fix :D

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A AMay 17, 2024

Removes dark mode from some of my dark theme websites, eg. even when Screen Shader is disabled. It also blocks some buttons on those websites. Not good unless fixed. Uninstalled and solved. Installed a different night shift mode extension without these bugs.

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Diana DohertyApr 5, 2024

Overall love this extension. I noticed it interferes with the ability to click buttons on certain websites like this one Maybe because of the font color?

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HoGamesProMar 2, 2024

not working at all they will just tell you to download another extension

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The Sauce GuyFeb 23, 2024

Not sure why, but this extension prevents me from being able to play videos on Reddit in fullscreen. After disabling every extension I had one by one, I narrowed the issue down to this one. Outside of that, it's fine for what it advertises.

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Marc GuiselinDeveloperMar 20, 2024

That's an interesting find, very unusual bug that causes an error internally in the reddit's video player playback. Thanks for sharing. I'll look into why it breaks and fix it possibly.

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Flying BeaverFeb 6, 2024

I'll say at the outset that unlike some users, I have had no issues with Screen Shader and Chrome Updates. The January 2024 revision/overhaul of Chrome plus all other common apps, and the attempt to integrate all into one package for all devices really is "A Bridge Too Far" and it has become a major pain in the backside. There is also a pair of recursive loops inside the "sync" code, and to show them is easily repeatable. Apparently the Chrome Team took the day off when we were covering recur... Show more

2 out of 2 found this helpful
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Marc GuiselinDeveloperMar 20, 2024

Amazing review! Thank you kind internet stranger. I'm glad you find this extension helpful :) As for the setting you are looking for is "Shade Transition Speed" of which "Very Slow" takes the longest to transition between shades. This might be what you call having a lower slope, though it's simply an exponential easing that lasts 1.6 hours, all the way down to 0 seconds for "Instant" shade transition speed.

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Ernesto QuintJan 14, 2024

Works well as intended, but disables RTX VRS if extension is enabled sadly. :( So I have to disable this extension so that RTX VRS works in videos o7o7 It's the only downside, everything else is good.

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Rafael BenaventNov 11, 2023

Was a great extension. I used it every day. Since about a week ago, it started causing problems. Pages, or parts of a page, would randomly become blank. Moving the cursor over the page would reveal page elements only for them to disappear again after moving the cursor.

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Andrea HallerOct 2, 2023

I used to love this extension! Now it is causing all sorts of issues on chrome. My pages will suddenly switch places, the screen will only be partially shaded, one of my screens will show up on the the other screen, and there will be colorful lines across the screen. As soon as I removed the extension all of these issues went away.

8 out of 10 found this helpful
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Clark HeidiSep 26, 2023

The four stars are for how awesome this extension is when it works. MY problem is that I use a combination of a 2015 Macbook Pro, a Mac Mini, and a Windows PC at various work stations. This extension works wonderfully for the second two, but on my Macbook laptop, it turns both the background and text black and I can't see anything at all on my open tabs. On my other two computers I am able to click the icon and adjust the settings, but on my Macbook when I click the icon, it's just a narro... Show more

3 out of 4 found this helpful
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