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Mar 27, 2022

Screen Mask Plus

Hello! I've been using the other version of this (Screen Mask Plus) for quite some time but then it suddenly disappeared a few months ago. However, I just got a new computer, and I realized it is still available as a Microsoft Edge addon. Is there a reason it is no longer available for chrome? Is there a way for me to get it on chrome again? I miss the color options, this made reading so much easier for me...

Helena Harrison

Sep 23, 2021

not working

screen mask not showing when enabled

Stephenie Buehrle

Feb 10, 2020

Color options?

My child just showed me this amazing tool! I am SO PUMPED to have this reading aid! He and I both have light sensitivity and have used color overlays to help us with reading (hard copies and on screens). It would be ideal if this tool offered color options (I would pick a pale yellow or green, for example). I'm super grateful as it is and I hope that you do not mind my sharing feedback.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 15, 2019


I can help maintain the code if you would like to share it on github.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 15, 2019


Are you still maintaining this code?

I would like to add some options

1) Add an option to darken/lighten the mask
2) Add some keyboard support to increase the size of the mask

If you are not maintaining the code I am willing to add the options myself if you share the code base.

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