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Kim Harris

May 3, 2024

Blank results when doing "Capture Area"

The "size" of the results seems correct, but it is blank. Any suggestions on how to fix? Other functions work.

One pet peeve - if you do multiple screen captures on the same page, it duplicates the results in seperate tabs for every capture.

Otherwise, the tool works very well!

Mini FZN

Dec 18, 2023

qual as teclas para o print

nao estou sabendo as teclas para fazer o print

David Cooper

Sep 20, 2023

Google search page?

Before I report this extension I want to ask if you know why it seems to be adjusting the google search results page, adding an iframe with this sort of detail?

<iframe class="a9gads" id="yhostedframeidlongname" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src=";h=63c54e389ce57d8bc3d0e22604ae2ca2&amp;keyword=provolone" width="100%" allowtransparency="true" style="height: 0px; display: block; width: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; background: transparent;"></iframe>

Team Shoppiinn

Sep 8, 2023

Recent changes in Chrome has broken the tool

No longer able to take screenshots with scrollers with the Whole page screenshot option.

Earlier it used to take screenshot for the entire pages, automatically used to scroll down but not anymore.

Bryan Tan

Sep 2, 2023

not working

It doesn't work, luckily I found one that works

Shafiq Kamal

Apr 13, 2023

How can I get screenshot without including page breaks?

When taking full page screenshot, it's showing page break bar. How can I take a full page screenshot without having page break bars?

Sadik Mahmud

Mar 31, 2023

Very Good Tools

Hi Everyone, For now, I have searched an extension that works awesome. It's a very good extension.

Danny Fraley

Jan 17, 2023

PDF page breaks

How do I take a full page screenshot without including page breaks? I want it to all be one long PDF.

claeske 13

Nov 17, 2022

Where is Screenshot downloaded

I cannot find my screenshot (full page) --> where is it saved on my PC ?


Jul 12, 2022

Where's the picture?

I can't find the screenshot. Also when I check the history through the app it shows no history... what's up with that, I just used it for a whole screen shot...

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