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Brenda San Miguel

Jan 29, 2015

Can You Make This A Real Board Game Too?

I love this Game!!! to me it's like Scrabble but you use colors & numbers; I would love to see this turn into a real board game. I would love to play this with my family for not everyone has a computer & can go online.I see this as a really good family past time offline. The more people who know about it from buying it at the store you will have even more people like me loading the App to play it any time and anywhere.

Patricia Diehl

Nov 19, 2013

Scrammed game

gets hung up on my error. If I choose the wrong tiles and his reset it will only reset one and lock the other in place...even to start a new game ; the errered piece is still on board. I have to log completely out to be able to remove that piece so I can start a new game.

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