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A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 11, 2017

Incorrect Hadith Numbers

I have noticed on several occasions that the Hadith number does not match correctly when i check them online, they are different numbers sometimes different volumes all together,
can you please check, as it will be wrong if we use this for referring someone.

Oana Cristina

Dec 16, 2016


Great app, but, how do I change the location?

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 10, 2015

salah times one hour ahead

in doha now. all salah times showing an hour ahead than they should be

Javed Farzan

Jun 24, 2015

Amazing Ramadan Photo collections

Assalaamu alaikum brother. The below facebook page has Ramadan photo collection of culture, Spirituality, Architecture etc. Please get in touch with them to get inspiring Islamic photos. Link below.


Namra Khurshid

Apr 12, 2015

Download problem

Still face the same download problem

Diyana Azmi

Apr 7, 2015

prayer time shown are incorrect

the prayer time shown are incorrect and is not based on my location. I have restarted my computer but still no changes.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 6, 2015

times showing incorrectly

the salah times are appearing incorrectly

Jessica Urban

Apr 2, 2015

incorrect prayer times


seems like the prayer times are not accurate any more, they are about one hour off. how can i change the setting of my location or change it manually?


Naeemul Hassan (Naffi)

Mar 25, 2015

Day light saving

I live in CDT zone. Here Day-Light saving time is going on. But the extension shows me time without day-light saving. It creates confusion.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 13, 2015


maybe add option of having hijri and/or gregorian date on the page

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