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Save Webpages Offline As MHTML

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Robert Bryan

Feb 3, 2024

Save only basic data (no images), save to specific location, & can website detect saving?

In general, I am pretty happy with how quickly the page is saved to my hard drive. However, I would like to see an option to save only the "basic" elements of the page, for example - without any images, so it would be even faster. I don't care that much if it renders correctly when viewed.

It would be nice to have an option to change the location of the folder it saves the file in. Right now, it is saving the files to my E:\Downloads folder, which appears to be Chrome's setting for my downloads folder. But just to be clear, it should not prompt for the folder or the filename with every save, unless you wanted to make this a selectable option.

Finally, can the website that you are saving the webpage from detect that the contents are being saved to the user's device? I have Javascript enabled on my Chrome browser. I am also fairly certain that the site I am saving files from uses Javascript.

I have done some research on this. Some say that a website can't detect this. But some say that there are sites out there already that have managed to detect this, like NetFlix. Others say that a website can't detect this if Javascript is disabled... Any thoughts?

Bee James

Apr 9, 2023

add date and time

Can you add a date and time to the file name to be stored?
Thank you.


Aug 3, 2022

mp4 short clip is not saved to mhtml

I'm not sure, saving mp4 is standard of mhtml or not. But now days, gif file is being replacing to mp4 file because it support default html5 player.

I think this extension would be better if it saves mp4 file also.(mp4 file or content of default html player)

Brook Chou

May 28, 2020

Pages Are Saved As .txt File

When I clicked the bottom, it generated a txt file instead of a mhtml one, although txt can be changed into mhtml manually. This is my first time encountering this issue. The extension worked well in the past, maybe before I updated chrome weeks ago.

My chrome version is 83.0.4103.61.

Annette Charpentier

Mar 16, 2020

MHTML files

A docx file has been saved as MHTML. Can't access it. How to convert back to docx?

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