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Lisandro Carmona

Jun 8, 2021

Message "Loading article content..." keeps there forever

I can't add sites to boards to read later. The extension does not have a reliable behavior, comming and going. I'm trying in two browsers, and I can help troubleshooting this by e-mail with a list of the other extensions to check if there is any conflict and why.

Michael Stone

May 23, 2020

Logging in

In the last 24 hours, whenever I got to save something to one of my boards, the extension continuously prompts me to log in to feedly. When I do, again, the issue is not resolved.

Taishi Kawamoto

May 23, 2020

The extension keeps telling me to login despite doing so multiple times already

As in the title, despite logging in multiple times when the extension prompts me to login, it still keeps on telling me to login, so I am not able to save any articles.
How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Janne Wolterbeek

Nov 5, 2018

Chrome extension not working on macOS Mojave, latest Chrome

This extension for latest Chrome in macOS Mojave does virtually nothing for me. My boards don't show up. I created a new board that doesn't show up in feedly. I don't see a login option. And I see no other options at all.
Very disappointing considering I just subscribed to a Pro account.
How can I fix this? I don't know how to add any sites to feedly now....


Aug 18, 2018

performance issues

A 2 megabyte css file? Really?

A 9 megabyte javascript to make a popup? Really? Thats totally unheard of.

No wonder users complain it's slow. You need to throw this thing out and start over.

julien coustillas

Jun 25, 2018

How add notes ?

Hi !
I would like to know how it works to add notes when I save my article to a board. For now I am using a free version. But if you can assure me I can easily add notes with this extension I can reconsider to upgrade by account.
I did not find any prenium "save to feedly Board" extension in action to confirm my thoughts.

Thank you!

A Chrome Web Store user

May 22, 2018

too slow to load...

create shortcut for saving actual site, its too slow to click on button (on stupid right side) then wait to load all boards and save... (vs just move to bookmars to folder on late..


Mar 4, 2018

Needs feedback after saved to board

For example, fill star icon with green color.

Timothy Kassis

Feb 5, 2018

Read later not showing up

Read later only shows up if I have other boards. I don't want other boards. I just want the ability to save pages to my 'read later' section.


Jan 14, 2018

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of null

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of null


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