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Steve Bean

Apr 2, 2023

Delete old folders

How do I delete old folders or rename them?

Mark Bliton

Feb 4, 2022

Saved Tabs Location

Quick question. Where does Please Save My Tabs store saved tabs? I have installed the extension on another browser and would like to load my previous tabs. I was hoping I could just copy over my old tab information to the new browser without having to manually load each tab.

Ita Oly Rainen

Sep 14, 2020


would be cool if we can set some folder as favorite, so we can change destination folder faster.

Ita Oly Rainen

Sep 14, 2020

new features

hello please add save tab except the active one, save tab to the right, save tabs to the left.

please add a preference that once you saved, you close automatically all tabs.

Dustin Blair

Jan 9, 2020

How do I Open a list of saved tabs from the clipboard?


So I've saved a list of tabs to the clipboard.

How do I Open this list of saved tabs from the clipboard?

virtual virtualtec

Apr 4, 2019

tablet SM-T531 SAMSUNG e chrome

Tenho um tablet SM-T531 SAMSUNG e o chrome tem varias abas abertas de pesquisa. Preciso fazer um hard reset no tablet e todas as opcoes de sincronizacao com o pc nao funcionam. Aparece meu celular mas o tablet nao tem jeito de aparecer. Tem solucao? Nem com reza braba, consigo sincronizar com o tablet. Chrome atualizado ultima versao e nao funciona. Alguma solucao para isto?

Natan e Miguel

May 10, 2018

Não consigo instalar

aparece a msg ,Este item foi desativado no Google Chrome. Ativar este item,como faço?

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 13, 2017

how to use save my tabs

how to use save my tabs?

Mohit Mishra

Nov 3, 2017

Os reinstall

If i upgrade my OS will I be able to restore my previous saved pin tabs? If so how?

Billie Hackert

Sep 22, 2017

Missing Tabs

I had four tabs that do not show up on my computer. I may have not restored them but I want them back Klein Bank MSN gmail and facebook. Can you assit me in this. Billie

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