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May 12, 2024

Errors when using extension

When saving an image using the extension, it fails with error "File wasn't available on site" (using chrome). But the filename is wrong. If I save a file called nicecat.jpg, I get an error message for nicecat.htm. When I get this error, it also
pops up the 'Save as' dialog, which also has the filename BUT with a htm extenstion.

Biff Steel

May 7, 2024

Where is the secret menu, to enter in your download location

I can not find any menu anywhere to enter in download locations. Please help.

Steven Tzschentke

Dec 29, 2023

Failed to save **** SERVER_FORBIDDEN

I had this problem long ago with, if I try to save a picture with the extension there is the error message "FAILED TO SAVE <filename> SERVER_FORBIDDEN" and a dialog with the filename with the extension .htm opens.
Now I have this on other pages, too. Download the picture with a right click "Save picture as..." works fine, it's just the extension.


Jun 21, 2022


It would be great if it could generate a filename based on WHERE I am saving.
E.g. I have:
"Fashion // (alias: Makeup) (filename: Makeup.##)"
"Fashion // (alias: Accessories) (filename: Accessories.##)"

and it would let me auto-generate names with a prefix, and a "new" number so they do not overlap, letting me add a suffix that describes it if needed.


May 31, 2022

What do the numbers mean?

When I create target folders, sometimes get numbers next to them - like programming (10) or exercise (11). Since I am not naming them like that, what do they mean?
Otherwise - great plugin!! Thanks

Tony Nguyen

Apr 25, 2022

Would be great to preserve the raw file name.

Thanks for an awesome extension!

It'd be great if you could fix this, though: If the URL contains something like "...?name=Some very long file name.pdf", then $filename contains "Some+very+long+file+name.pdf". If the file name is non-English, I'll get something like "%E6%88%AA%E5%9C%96+2022-04-24+%E4%B8%8B%E5%8D%8811.03.18".

Can we make $filename contain the raw (non-urlencoded) string instead? Thanks!

86 abaile

Jan 23, 2021

Compatability with brave browser.

Hi there, just to make you aware, your extension installs fine with brave browser and seems to work mostly, however it has an annoying bug where it always opens the save dialogue box regardless of settings.

Stefano Marchetti

Nov 6, 2020

problem with symbolic link .

i create symbolic link wit mklink . that worjk fine with savein on firefox but not recognise from savein on chrome or Brave . that every time savein open dialog box on download directory

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 18, 2019

Every file saved as the same name without any extensions

Just in the last two days, this extension has started to malfunction. It now saves all objects saved in this way as the same filename without any extension whatsoever, all in the same location. When disabled, regular saving again becomes possible.

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