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Bruna Melo

Feb 26, 2024


Hi, I need some help. I used the extension on another computer and it worked perfectly, I recommended it to all my friends. However, I needed to change computers and despite having downloaded it, it no longer works ): I've already checked the permissions and everything, everything is as normal as before. Is there anything I can do?

Alex Jone

May 9, 2023

Very Good Tools

Save Image is an extremely useful browser extension that allows

Jonathan Sullivan

Feb 16, 2023

How to take this from 4/10 to 10/10

This extensions needs a way to remember the last save location 100%. Its pretty useful already but browsing deep into directories every time I'm saving is super redundant and tons of people have mentioned/requested this. Maybe there's already a solution in chrome settings but would be cool if it just functioned more productively by default.

Kz Jarrard

Aug 4, 2022

Download Location

Please add the feature for the program to remember the previous save/download location and have the option to default to there instead of the "Downloads" folder.
This will improve the viability of the extension immensely.

Bone Head

Jun 26, 2022

change what the file names save as?

is there a way to make it stop defaulting to "download" as file name?

Daniel Glen

May 6, 2022

Save image in the same directory

When saving an image using this extension, the save dialog box will only ever navigate to the Downloads folder (on OSX at least). It would be nice if it navigated to the previous directory an image was saved in by default, as it would make it more efficient and easier to organise files when saving multiple images at a time. I'm hoping you might consider adding this to the extension. Thank you!

Brad Codd

Aug 7, 2021

An error occurred while saving the image: Invalid filename,h_539,al_c,q_85,usm_1.20_1.00_0.01/813212_76eb87151f314027917025a582f14668~mv2.webp

Victor Duse

Jun 7, 2021

Save as JPG

The addon works fine but it would be super nice there were a setting for saving images as JPG as an addition to PNG.

Charles Hansen

Apr 18, 2021

convert file from pdf to png

it doesn't allow conversion maybe i'm doing something wrong could use some direction or maybe wrong application

Electric Wardrobe

Jan 24, 2021

saving as TNP

It has worked for me for years, but now suddenly pictures save as TNP instead of PNG, how can I fix this?

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