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José Vieira

May 25, 2023

Login first

How to convert websites that need to login first?

Brian Hurst

Nov 12, 2020

Pictures not saving

Hello, only the first picture on a page will save, but the rest end up as gray squares. How can I fix this problem?

dennis ditmars

Jan 30, 2020

it appears that your ext has stopped working...?

I contantly get the code of being Failed. I try resuming but it quickly pops back to Failed.
Several different website pages...still the same.

tamil selvan

Oct 12, 2018

save not Pdf

PDF file save not aress ples help me to

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 8, 2018

does not handle like over 1000 lines

c title

gedeon .gedeon

Jan 20, 2018

8000 pages on one pdf file?

is it possible to create one pdf file with 8000 pages?

Anup Srivastava

Jan 8, 2018

Could not move extension directory into profile.

i am getting message while adding extension..."Could not move extension directory into profile".

L rogern

Sep 29, 2017

webpic format

the Save as PDF extension do not support webpic format?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 10, 2017

Not working

I click on the button, it seems to work and show movement on the icon but then nothing happens and an exclamation mark appears.


Jul 23, 2017

Button doesn't work

Every time I hit the button in the toolbar, nothing happens. It worked fine the first webpage, but now it simple doesn't work. I've checked that I'm connected to the internet and that the webpages aren't blocked or anything, but everything else is fine.

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