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Cosmin Berindeanu (SapioiT)

Feb 20, 2020

Suggestion: Depth of all

Would you, please, add the option "Depth of all", to the app? Or, at least, a Custom Depth option where we could push our browser to the limit.

I once tried to download my whole website to which I have lost access due to a compromised email address, so I can upload it to a new domain. Unfortunately, even using HTTRACK, I have been unable to do so.

Tofe Filiga

Oct 8, 2019

When I try to save everything to Google Chrome, Which Developer I have to choose, andsave all the Files before I take the Laptop to Fix?

I just have to re download the Micro Trend Maximum Security, I talked to the Techinician and he said I have to save all my Files to the Google Chrome, OTHERWISE all my Files will all Loose. So please help me I try to save all the Files to Google Chrome before he wiped off everything, To save the cost I have to do it by myself. I need a help please.

Carlton Doorman

Aug 23, 2019

No more work with last version (August 23, 2019) of Chrome.

You need update your Chrome Extensions.
No more work now.
When we try to save in "One page" all time your program save in .txt.

I think it's because Google / Chrome disable one Flag.

Hope you will update soon. I like your extension.

Andy Lin

Jul 26, 2019

File name of saved page is truncated.

When I save a page, the self-generated file name is a truncated title of current page - even though the title is not very long.

Виктор Чмутов

Jul 1, 2019

Save As MHTML. Save to selected folder to do. Сохранение в выбранную папку сделать.

Save As MHTML. When you click the save page button in MHTML, make a choice of where to save it, because according to the standard it was like this in Google Chrome, so that there was an opportunity to save pages in large volumes and at the same time sort them by thematic folders or numbering and date folders .

Save As MHTML. Сделайте при нажатии кнопки сохранения страницы в MHTML выбор места куда сохранить, потому что по стандарту было так в Гугл Хром, для того что чтобы была возможность в больших объёмах сохранять страницы и при этом по пути их сортировать по тематическим папкам или по папкам нумерации и даты.

Gerson Rodriguez Quintero

Dec 30, 2018

tiempo para guardar

seria bueno aumentar el tiempo de espera para cargar la pagina a 5 o 6 segundos, en ocasiones guarda paginas pesadas incompletas

it would be good to increase the waiting time to load the page in 5 or 6 seconds, sometimes save incomplete pages (deepth option)

Tod White

Apr 3, 2017


G-Chrome latest, '09 Macbook, Sierra Latest (10.12.4), 8GB Mem

Normally, when saving MHTML in Firefox, Seamonkey, can dopr the file on ANY browser with MHTML-support and have the page open.
Randomly (NOT reproducible), resulting file, made in Chrome, will not open in Chrome, only in Firefox.
(Means, when I double-click, Firefox opens)
There is NO error when showing in F.F.
Sometimes, first drag-drop in Chrome works, subsequent drag-drop OR double-click won't work.


Oct 23, 2016

missing options

mozarchiver allows the saving of "several tabs" into mhtml's a in a chosen folder, or to combine all pages into one long mhtml

Kelvin Baldersnoot

Jul 9, 2016

File Save Location

Current behavior is, every single time you pick a location to save a page, you have to start navigating your file structure at the root of the drive. If you're saving many files, it quickly gets tiresome if you're saving them deep down in your drive's structure. Every other app I've ever used always remembers the last location I saved a file on my drive. It makes saving lots of files SO much easier.

Pedro Batista

May 25, 2016

page name

the name of some of the pages get cut, aside from that the plugin is quite useful

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