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Jan 4, 2023

Whitelist Bug

Whitelisting does nothing, I cannot prevent a site from being affected by this extension.

Nige Lowe

Sep 22, 2022

Whitelist not working?!

Changes pages to black which is great (including salesforce) however the whitelist and disable for all website buttons just dont do anything. Are you just supposed to click the 'whitelist' button on the page you want to see in its original colours? When i do that, nothing changes, it simply reloads in dark mode?!

Santiago Carrasco Moro

Mar 3, 2021

Dark mode does not enable automatically

Dark mode doesn´t activate at the hour I set, I have to recharge the page. It would be great if it could be enabled automatically.
That is the only ''problem'' I have with the extension, everything else is great. The best dark mode extension I have used. Great job!

Melissa Pflueger

Sep 19, 2020

webpages take forever to load

web pages take forever to load if i have sauron dark mode on for some reason on chrome windows 10.


Mar 18, 2020

Image negatives

On some websites, with this extension turned on, some images and icons appear to have a "negative" appearance, like when you use the negative effect filter on an image. For example, this emojis on Facebook.

Kayleigh Moore (ImportedKayleigh)

Mar 5, 2020


Can you add a way to customize themes?
From Cat Kayleigh Moore

Hendrik Talvik

Oct 14, 2019

inverted image colours

With dark mode on, the colours of images get reversed when looking from a website (from a website based gallery etc).
If I open up the image itself, then the colours are normal.
With Dark Mode on:
With Dark Mode off:

Richard McWolff (Wolffie)

Aug 3, 2019

Elements no longer colored


I belong to a set of forums on DAZ3D... go here to see them:
When one bookmarks a page using the little star at the top right of the thread it turns Gold... now the star doesn't, it stays gray like the non bookmarked threads. Is there a way to reintroduce elements like that to ignore your script and go with their default script set up so I can have my gold hilight back? There must have been an update that broke that. I'm an older gentleman so it's hard to discern which is bookmarked and which is not bookmarked when perusing the forums.
Thanks so much for a wonderful add on... it's saved my eyes much stress and strain.


Jul 22, 2019

Not working well for Google Sheets

Not sure is it because of the recent update, but the Google Sheets are all dark now and I couldn't see anything when I turned on dark mode :( . It used to be fine before this.

Image example of the issue:

Ed Green

Jul 18, 2019

Google Maps Hamburger Menu

Loving your extension. The only site I've had to turn it off for is Google Maps on the web because I can no longer see the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. I use it often to select Location Sharing. I there anything you can do about that?

Google apps