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Ed M

Jun 6, 2024

Free vs paid version

Do you provide a free version and a paid version? How much is the paid version. Thanks.

Ronald Shankland

Sep 10, 2023


How do I start - I've registered under


Apr 29, 2023

extension reloads itself too frequently

this wasn't a problem before, but recently, the extension keeps getting disabled by chrome because it reloads itself too frequently, or so it says. it works again after I re-enable it, but it still gets disabled after some time and it's seriously getting tedious

Casey Mahoney

Apr 8, 2023

Chrome OS

Does it take more than one spell checker to be proficient.

Jokas Lokas

Jan 28, 2021

Sapling breaks any website using

Literally ruined all of my work. Backspaces just deletes all of my work when using this plugin and any website running editorjs. Horrible design.

t rod

Jan 26, 2021

Sapling App purchase

I want to immediately cancel my purchase and have a refund issued. I never received a confirmation email and instructions.

Carolyn S

Jan 21, 2021

Unable to run

Can you please help? This is the message I received:
“Could not move extension directory into profile.”

Christopher Boyd

Oct 28, 2020

Interferes with HTML Editors

We have an HTML WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor on our site and Sapling creates attributes and modifies the content, creating issues. Is there documentation explaining how to flag a div and it's contents to be ignored by Sapling? Grammarly has a similar method to say "ignore this and all children elements".

Alex Justask

Oct 15, 2020

I can't register to use it

I can't register to use it, I get this message when I try to sign up. I have tried other emails and its the same message.

Error: Disallowed email domain.

Chuck Baggett ChuckBaggettWeb (ChuckBaggett web)

Aug 21, 2020

It flickers constantly on Twitter.

The text box where Sapling is in use flickers constantly.

It is able to make sensible suggestions while it's doing the intolerable flickering.

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