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Stanley Foster

Sep 16, 2022

Chrome extension not working and the webpage is down

Chrome extension not working and the webpage is down

Alexander Meyer

Aug 31, 2021

Chrome Extension not working

The extension does not stay active when you select a text and try to convert it into the sans forgetica. So the whole thing is disfunctional. Or do you have a way to make it work?


Feb 26, 2021


As with many comments above I cannot seem to activate it. Is it possible to include very detailed instructions or advise if there is an issue

Paco Zuleta

Dec 10, 2020

No funciona en Chrome

No funciona en Chrome...

Aly Moehle

Oct 15, 2020

Dark Mode icon?

Can we have a dark mode icon available? I use dark mode to help me read faster and due to migraines. Right now the icon is hard to see when using darker themes, and dark mode. Thanks!! =)

Beaches Coaches U11

Apr 19, 2020

Chrome Extension Not Working


Even on the RMIT website, I click the chrome extension, it turns red (as in your support slider guide here in the chrome store suggests it will) for a split second and then goes back to white. No highlighted text changes font. I've tried on 20 different pages and nothing. It also is constantly crashing and needing to reload. I would really love to figure out why and how to get it working properly.


Daniel Junior

Sep 12, 2019


possibility to use on Kindle?

Sioox Nou

Aug 19, 2019

the W looks like an A and stop the effect in my opionion.

I had problems to study and left the university so I thought it would be interesting to try the chrome addon. But as I tried it, I read a lot of words that started with a large W (like Website) and so the problem occurred:

The " W " looks like " 'A' ". Can you adjust the W? Please?


May 11, 2019

How to shut off for a site?

I can't seem to turn it off for any site. I even disabled it, and its still is changing all displays!
Do I have to remove it to shut it off?

Tiphaine Msg

Apr 23, 2019

can't get the chrome extension to work

Hi! Very sorry if this problem as been brought up before but I couldn't find any answer. I installed the extension but it's not working. It's not staying red to be precise, no matter how much or how long I click on it, whether I selected text or not. Could you please help me? Thank you so much :)

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