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Meghan Ford

Jun 25, 2020

Using both Sanity and LJ Juggler extensions.

Is it not possible to use both? I've been using LJ Juggler to switch accounts and just added Sanity as well. I like it, but it doesn't seem that LJ Juggler is working now. Are they incompatible?

Matt Hayduke (Bajah)

Apr 8, 2020

Posts using bulleted lists are not displaying correctly

If I post something using OL tags, it still breaks up the text like it knows it's there, but there's no bullets/numbers. If I view the same post in Edge, for example, it's fine. If you'd like a screenshot comparison, let me know, but I'll assume you can replicate this pretty easily.

Paula M.O.

Feb 12, 2020

Browse Button Doesn't Work

When you're commenting someone and you click browse to see which icon you'd like to use, it doesn't do anything. It's like the browse function is broken.

Andrea Hayduke

Sep 23, 2018

Search bar

I haven't figured out if the search bar is missing or if it's been moved, but I'd like to request it come back? I use it a lot to find journals for renaming, or go to journals without logging in on a different character etc - typing the name up in the url bar works to an extent BUT IJ is listed as an untrusted site for me, so often it gives me errors and issues.

Thank you!

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