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Elvira Vreeswijk

May 23, 2024

crackle problem

I also have the crackle problem, but I found me a solution. At settings, change mp3 into wav. Then use audacity (free) or another sound editor to convert the wav to mp3.


Mar 17, 2024

80% perfect minus user experience issues

Great extension, would be very useful if cleaned up a bit.
1)When recording a sample, lets say on YT, you have to press record, go off the extension, play the video, then reopen the extension which is annoying when what is sampled is at the beginning of a video
2) sample editing doesn't edit, you can mess around with it but sample trimming doesn't save in recent recordings
3) UI. I find the GUI for the most part very clean, nice and functional however there are some issues with download and delete buttons being on top of the horizontal scroll buttons
4) downloading audio doesn't work for me anymore, downloaded sample files just have silence recently. older recordings are fine even when downloaded today

Chris Hanline

Aug 22, 2023

Can you port to Firefox?

I've been using your extension for a good while now and I absolutely love it, so useful for creating soundboards. Is there any way you can look at developing your extension for Firefox? I just switched and I really want to add your extension to my browser again, it's invaluable to me!

Matei Chismorie

Jul 29, 2023

Samples sound laggy

When I start recording the audio starts lagging. I really don't understand why this is happening.

au lv

Jul 23, 2023

The volume is unstable

The volume is unstable, and the volume often becomes uncontrollably low.

Carlos antonio Leo avila

Jul 11, 2023


cuando hago una grabacion se corta el audio

C Lawson

Jul 4, 2023

The extension is not recording

I try to record but it's not picking up my voice. I have another audio extension and it picks up my voice. Please advise.

Lucas Eduardo

May 28, 2023

Probemas na extensão

Boa Noite Gostaria de saber por que não consigo executar a extensão no meu pc, ela seria muito utiu pra mim, desde ja agradeço, meu e-mail

Tony Conde

Mar 16, 2023


es una lo intenten

Kamau Hunter

Mar 13, 2023

Best practices guide

I am new to using computers, the instructions on your page are for very savvy individuals, is there someone that people new to using music technology via a computer / classically trained musicians can gain more information on how to best use your technology to improve our lives and assist us in making better music faster?

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