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Nand Kishor

Jun 3, 2020

Unable to use Extension

Hi Rajnikant,
I am using your extension but its working fine in salesforce playground but when I log in to my office project with a custom domain, I am not able to find the extension on left side. I am using Classic.Sometimes It is visible but when I try to find an object or class no result will come.

Adam Tavares

May 21, 2020

Not Avaiable Problema

Hi bro, I actually cant see any kinda of info, just show something like "Object is not avaiable" or "Unauthorized" i dont know which authorization i need to give to it, is allowed the extension access to the salesforce page, fly-button working 100% but cant see any data.
can you help me? this seems to be a nice extension and I need to dev on sf

Jack K.

Dec 5, 2018

How do I start it

I do not get the "fly-in Button", so how do I activate or start the application?
(Yes it's installed in Chrome)
Thank you

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