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Kyle Carter

Dec 11, 2015

No longer working....

47.0.2526.80 (64-bit) and does not work at all.

vasanthi sowparnika

Aug 13, 2015

Additional feature for Search

It will be more useful if its a global search which lists all the areas where the search string is being used in the Salesforce org.

Yoni Barkan

Jul 21, 2014

No longer working...

Could it be a Summer 14 issue? The box has the word "Search" in it, but doesn't do anything.

This is, hands down, the most useful Salesforce extension. Period.


Katie Routledge

Jul 15, 2014

Missing in Chrome

Hi, I love this plugin - it's great but it has disappeared from chrome! If you could fix it that would be AMAZING!

Adam Cooper

Jul 15, 2014

No longer working

This has recently stopped working for me and some colleagues too. It's unbelievably useful so would really appreciate if you would be able to fix the issue! Thanks :)

Seth Payne

Apr 23, 2014

Search Box no longer showing up

Just wanted to inform you that the Search Box is no longer showing up for myself or any of my co-workers.

Chris Duncan

Jan 9, 2014


Chrome reports this extension as an insecure element on webpages since it is communicating via HTTP, not HTTPS.

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