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Nov 3, 2023

Can't Access Custom Objects

Lightning Navigator only works on standard objects and pages now. I can't navigate to any custom objects anymore. It's weird. For example, I can go to list Accounts and get to that page without a problem. But if I go 'list projects' (a custom object), nothing comes up.

Lodewijk Henneveld

Nov 3, 2023

Object Navigation URL Broken

I've re-installed as Lightning is one again supported. Awesome!
I tried to navigate to Object > Order > Field. However, there's an issue with the URL.

As you can see, after "" it adds "null". Removing it allows the url to work. Any reason why it would add a null there? It only seems to happen when navigating to sObjects.

Joseph Liang

Aug 10, 2023

Navigate to Salesforce Classic Setup Pages

Is there any way for this navigate to the Classic Setup pages instead of Lightning?

Kaleb Edley

Jun 14, 2023

Does not open in my org

I've added the CSP Trusted and done everything the instructions say to do and no matter how many times I ctrl-shift-space the menu does not appear. Am I missing another step, or should there be something else I check for?

Diogo Alves

May 16, 2023

can't find deployment status after May 23 update

Hey! I notice that after the new release I started to miss some of the paths that I usually use, mainly the Deployment Status and the profiles. It would be great if you could have a look. Thanks!

Zach Barker

May 5, 2023

May 23 Release broke login as function

as of the new release i can no longer use the login as function, an error is displayed saying 'no user for your search exists' even though they do and I have used that user hundreds of times before.

Adam Ingamells

May 4, 2023

"Login as" not working

Since the latest release when i use:

login as [user name]

I get:
No user for your search exists.

Thanks :)

David Cheng

May 4, 2023

Can't get to Profiles now

A big thanks for continuing to add features and maintain this vital tool! But I've noticed it can't find Profiles anymore. I can still get to Users and Permission Sets, but not Profiles.

Denis Kirchen

Feb 23, 2023

Navigator Bar isn't showing up anymore

Since a few weeks (maybe since Spring 23 release, but I'm not 100% sure), I can't call the Navigator bar anymore. I've tried to change the shortcut combination & tested on several web browsers based on CHromium (ie. brave, arc, chrome) & set up a CSP Trusted Site Definition for our Classic domain → Navigator bar doesn't work anymore. Weirdly, other features provided by extension still work ie. shortcut to tasks or reports. Do you maybe know where the issue comes from ?

Give Clarity

Sep 29, 2022

Data Access/Privacy Policy

Please can you confirm what data is accessed by this plugin - is it just metadata? Also have you got a privacy policy.
Many thanks,
Kate Bowe

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