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Sreedhar Sarugu

May 20, 2024

Data Import

Hi Team, What is called at the on the back ground when "Data Import" is performed like Insert, Upsert, Delete. I think it's not "Bulk Data Load" API. We need your help bcoz when we are loading from "Data Import" the data is loaded without any issue, but the same Data is not loaded using ""Bulk Data Load" API. So we want to understand what's the difference and correct it on the "Bulk Data Load" API.

Troy Richardson

Apr 17, 2024

Need domain added for extension please

With the recent release, we need https://** added to sites in extension please

Carlos Carvalho

Apr 17, 2024

Inspector not working in new domain salesforce-setup

Since new release Sprint 24 in my sandbox. Salesforce inspector it's not allowed to work in new domain calls salesforce-setup.

Documentation salesforce:

Is possible make inspector works in this new domain?


Jean Bur

Apr 4, 2024

QuoteHistory not available for queries

I tried to use inspector to do a query like this "Select Id FROM QuoteHistory LIMIT 100" and i got the error "Unknown object: QuoteHistory" but with Workbench I can query it. I am admin and I have access to all objects. I can see the quote history in my lightning page too. The Relationship fields part in Show All Data seems strange for "Histories" for the Quote Object.

Nicole Kasno

Apr 2, 2024

Step by Step to export

I am having issues exporting out of salesforce with this app. Is there a set by step instructions or someone who can help me?

Trevor Yip

Jan 25, 2024

Control + Space to Pull all Fields Not Working

I'm on a macOS machine, and the Control + Space isn't working to pull in all possible fields.

I've uninstalled and re-installed and still not working. Thoughts to fix?

Ross Gilbert

Jan 22, 2024


Is it possible to set salesforce inspector permisisons so a given user can only import records in a couple of specific objects in bulk, or does inspector rely on a user's salesforce object and field permissions? thanks

ronald humphreys

Jan 17, 2024

Manifest v2


Will you be migrating to manifest V3 in preperation for the dissalowance of V2

Michael Agres 73

Jan 12, 2024

Which Salesforce Permissions does a User Need to view a record's data in Inspector?

Which Salesforce Permissions does a User Need to view a record's data in Inspector?

A few of my users suddenly cannot View the record's Data in Inspector

Sangwoo “Bruce” Park

Jan 5, 2024

Please fix the browser unexpectedly cloing issue

Hi, I'm the user enjoying the great SF inspector all the time.
Recently, I found the issue that the browser is unexpectedly closed when I try to copy a large set of data using Copy data in Excel format button.
Could you please take a look at it?
Thank you.

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