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Abhinav Paul

Aug 25, 2023

Error while exporting layouts

Got this -

Oops! It seems some error occurred, report issue on
{"name":"sf:EXCEEDED_MAX_TYPES_LIMIT", "errorCode":"sf:EXCEEDED_M

Mustafa Kurt

Jul 18, 2023

Mass clone field feature is missing

I don't see Mass clone field button anymore. Can you please help with that?

Joshua Gebbie

Jul 10, 2023

No longer working after release

The plugin no longer works after Salesforce Summer 23 release, please can you look into this as its a very useful extension.


Aug 12, 2022

Language Setting

I get an Object Fields Definition in Japanese. But I want it in English. How can I change the language setting?

Fukutaro Matsumoto

Jun 20, 2022

Mass editing custom field does not work

I can edit the name and api name of the fields, but can not save them. (browser does not react)

David Crandall

Feb 8, 2022

Go to a sandbox url (* and clicking on the extension does nothing

In prod, the extension windows show but is stuck in 'Activate' even after logging in and approving access. Am I missing a step here?

Mami I

Dec 9, 2021



Georgi Terziev

May 5, 2021


When i try to export ERDs and select 100 objects from my org, it just loading and nothing happens. Seems like it crashes.

Rosanne Kerwin-nutkis

Jan 6, 2021

Security risk

More information on the 4 security vulnerabilities. The security team responded that the issue is in an old version of bootstrap library. It appears 3.3.6 was bundled with the extension, which was released in 2015. Their recommendation would be to try to upgrade to a newer version of the bootstrap library.
1 High - XSS in data-template, data-content and data-title properities of tootip/popover. bootstrap v3.3.6, 28236
2. Medium - XSS in data-target property of scrollspy
bootstrap v3.3.6, 20184
3. Medium - XSS in collapes data-parent attribute
bootstrap v3.3.6, 20184
4. Medium - XSS in data-container property of tooltip
bootstrap v3.3.6, 20184

Thank you.

Rosanne Kerwin-nutkis

Jan 6, 2021

Security Risk

Our security team is denying the add on request I submitted. They are saying there is 1 high risk and 3 medium. Are you able to help with these 4 security vulnerabilities?

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