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Alex Sullivan

Apr 17, 2024

Salesforce Summer '24 Setup Colored Tabs Broken

Love this app, but it looks like in Summer '24 the tab colors are not working specifically in setup. The URL structure of setup seems to have changed (from https://[domain] to https://[domain] which might be the cause. Would love to see an update to support. Thanks so much for the work on this very useful extension!

Suzie Dusek

Jul 13, 2023


I had to move to a new laptop. I exported my favicons and imported them to the new laptop. Now, all my tabs are different colors than what I had set up. Can this be corrected?

Max Wunderlich

May 18, 2023

Automatic "DEVELOP" instance supersedes actual domains

This might be a side effect of Enhanced Domains (not sure at this point), but I've noticed that the extension interprets URLs with the structure "" as being in a "develop" instance, rather than in the "mydomain123" instance. This causes similar pages in different orgs to appear with the "develop" favicon color, and unfortunately, when I remove the "develop" instance from the extension config, it automatically re-registers "develop" the next time I open that page, regardless of what org I'm in.
Note that this isn't happening in sandbox orgs, since the URL structure is "", and I'm inferring that that case is already covered in the extension somehow.
Thanks in advance if you're able to fix this for non-sandbox orgs. :)

Andy Ray

Jan 27, 2023

Requesting privacy policy to use your plugin in healthcare environment

Hello, your plugin is a lifesaver. We're looking to use it in a healthcare tech company, and the chrome plugin page says:

To learn more, see the developer's privacy policy

Can you please provide us your privacy policy?

Andrew Tauber

Jan 9, 2023

Enhanced Domain Support

Can you add * to the supported domains here so that sandbox experience cloud sites can have colored favicons?

Ellie Breden

Oct 17, 2022

ISO 27001

Are you please able to confirm whether this extension is compliant with ISO 27001?

Would be great to be able to use this extension for professional purposes.

Many thanks in advance.

Give Clarity

Oct 14, 2022

Data Access/Privacy Policy

Please can you confirm what data is accessed by this plugin - is it just metadata? Also have you got a privacy policy.
Many thanks,
Kate Bowe

Andi Simons

Oct 14, 2022

Permission to Read and Change my data

This permission was not required before, and it creates a liability that prevents me from using this extension going forward. Please explain why it is suddenly needed, or simply remove it again so we can go back to using this tool.

John Collins

Oct 14, 2022

Why does this extension suddenly need access to all site's data?

I had to disable the extension. How can I use this while working with client's salesforce orgs if the extension can read all of their data?

Kyle Fouts

Oct 14, 2022

New permission to view and change data

I'm uncomfortable with the new permission to view and change data on sites. Why must this be changed?

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