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Martin Messier

Mar 9, 2023

Unable to connect Salesbolt to Salesforce

I constantly get the following error message:

"Oops, we weren't able to connect.
Salesbolt needs to be granted access to Salesforce, please reconnect."

Lee Watson

Sep 20, 2022

Salesbolt Account Widget/Component Issue

Hey - I have setup Salesbolt for Salesforce and this looks like a great tool. I am having an issue where, on the Account widget where it lists the LinkedIn people in the company, the "Open Profile" button doesn't do anything, nor does clicking the image/name of the person.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kimberly Mann

Apr 11, 2022

For LinkedIn, is Navigator critical?

Will this connect to free LinkedIn accounts or only paid Navigator?

Tim Kasperovich

Mar 22, 2022

Create new account


I love the software. Use it every day. Do you have an option to create an account instead of adding contacts/leads?

Thank you,


Rick Geritz

Sep 17, 2021

Trying to Buy Your Product

Say Rest API is not active ----Spent time in ---where do I activate REST API

Google apps