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May 1, 2024

ADA(cardano) is not displayed

ADA(cardano) is not displayed. why is that? Is there any solution?

kirill timoshin

Mar 26, 2024

пропали USDT

В приложении safepal, через функцию" обмен" совершил обмен ETH на usdt(trc20). ETH списалось , а USDT не зачислены на счет. подскажите пожалуйста,что делать в этой ситуации?

Konstantin Antipov

Feb 29, 2024

Exchange usdt (eth) to usdt (near)! Bagg

I exchanged usdt (eth) for usdt (near), there is a transaction in the block, but the balance is not displayed in the wallet, what do you plan to do? Wallet address f6850e0a8f0c6cd2f03da8f97b0bcafa510146e482b735e83633e1bb9a7e4278

Vosil Safaev

Feb 19, 2024

как я могу установить приложение на ПК с ОС Windows?

как я могу установить приложение на ПК с ОС Windows?

joao moura ribeiro

Feb 13, 2024

troca de critos

Boa tarde.como faço pra trocar meus dolares em cripito moedas e trocar pelo real?

Масир Чиволусар

Feb 8, 2024

Доступ к кошельку

забыл пароль


Feb 6, 2024

Cannot download in chrome extension

Item currently unavailable. Please check the troubleshooting guide.

Илья Морозов

Jan 21, 2024

We need your help!

PWR coins have stopped coming to the wallet in the block chain; the transaction is there, but it is not displayed in the wallet! What should I do?

Leonardo Rodrigues

Dec 4, 2023

Tokens SOLANA disappeared and have an infinity symbol

All SOL network tokens have an infinity symbol on both the mobile app and PC, SOL network transactions are showing an ERROR with an infinity symbol, entering SOLSCAN all the tokens are there, but only in the Safepal applications they do not work.


Nov 13, 2023

Keith L Jenkins


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