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Aug 8, 2020

Invalid Manifest

I cant download the addon, it just tells me "invalid manifest". Tried reloading the page and closing other tabs, nothing works.

Jonathan Jackson

Aug 3, 2020

URL Redirect/Change

Looks like the extension isn't seeing the SCP Wiki anymore because, at least for me, the URL redirects to Might mean no one can use the plugin. Sorry if you've gotten a ton of these or if its somehow my fault.

Xavier Goodfellow

Jan 11, 2019

Add article names

Great plug-in (I use it at home, just added for it "nothing to do at work" moments). Only thing I'd like to see is the option to add the names of the articles from the series lists (such as how SCP-4001 is called "Alexandria Eternal" on to the pages for each skip, if that's possible.

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