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Alireza Ysh

Jun 11, 2023


please add openai too

Ahmad Moghazi

Jun 25, 2020

مشكلة عند التعليقات الطويلة

لو في تعليق طويل مثلا 20 سطر، لا يظهر فقد غير حوالي 3 اسطر، وزر شاهد المزيد او
( read more ) لايظهر، اتمني حل هذه المشكلة، زكرها ايضا Hazem Noor.

Hazem Noor

Apr 11, 2020

Error in long Youtube comments.

If a Youtube comment is long and in multi lines, it's truncated and see more link is put, the plugin hides see more link and I can't see the rest of the comment.

Example, A comment I wrote here contains 25 line, only two lines appears
When disabling plugin the comment appears fine

Thank you Medhat <3

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